I have been privileged to be able to work with many inspiring talents and leaders. Here are references and experiences from some of them:

I’ve worked with Mikaela on management team development with three different teams over the past decade. Firstly with a factory management team, an SBU management team and more recently the EMEIA Region management team for UPM Raflatac. Each session was transformative for the team, resulting in deeper understanding of each other, coming together to create clear purpose and commitment and a stronger dynamic within the team of feedback and total transparency. Mikaela has an incredible ability to see and adapt to the different cultures and the diverse nature of each team I’ve worked with. Following each session the team has performed to a completely new level in all aspects of the work.

I engaged Mikaela in addition to be my coach to help me in a new and quite radically different position I was promoted too this year. I can simply describe this as moments of profound reflection and ideation. Each coaching session is valuable thinking and personal development space.

I can strongly recommend Mikaela as a coach and in team development, honestly speaking my experience of working with her has been personally life changing.

Alan Wright
Senior Vice President
UPM Raflatac EMEIA Region.

"While executing massive business and leadership transformation programs in both Nokia Dongguan and Microsoft Hanoi, I valued highly Mikaela’s experience and her contribution was greatly helpful. She helped with setting the development path for individuals as well as for the leadership team. During the journey she helped to transform the leadership team by providing coaching, useful tools and techniques for both individuals and team. I recommend Mikaela and her team for anyone who wants to level up their organizational leadership qualities."

Risto Meskus
GM Microsoft Hanoi Operations

"Outotec was working with Mikaela Nyström from 4L.com and Bath Consultancy group three years with our top 150 global leaders around the globe. We designed and co-created together a 9 month Leadership Journey, with an initial one to one personal development consultation, two three day action learning modules held in Abu Dhabi and India and a reflective learning group coaching in between to put the learning in practise and keep momentum. Our younger talented leaders were mixed with our senior leaders in order to lead together the cultural change in Outotec. I personally attended and sponsored the journey.

Mikaela has also been the past 5 years coaching individual key leaders in Outotec. Based on our inspiring cooperation I can warmly recommend her for coaching, team coaching and leadership development. Mikaela is a true professional and with her interpersonal style she builds depth and trusting relationships with diverse people across the world."

Pertti Korhonen
CEO Outotec 2009-2016

"Mikaela has worked with us in several management team reflection activities over the years. She is a true professional, very committed and engaged in her work and always showing a great enthusiasm in everything she is doing. Mikaela understands the business needs, employee’s capabilities and motivations, and she is able to build on those qualities when working with people and teams. It is always a pleasure to work with Mikaela, her energy and positive attitude motivates everyone around her."

Samu Konttinen
CEO, F-Security

”Working with Mikaela on team development as well as on personal development has been really rewarding. Mikaela is a positive person with a supportive attitude. She is capable at looking things from multiple angles, raising issues and challenging your considerations – but always in a positive and respectful manner.”

Jukka Hakkila
Group General Councel, Kemira

Mikaela is a cheerful, inspiring and sparring person who utilizes these skills in an extremely nice way for the benefit of her coaching customers. I have been working with her during the last months and we have had an interesting and interactive journey during which I have learned to see things in new light with a positive flavor and approach. Mikaela has skills, network and right attitude enabling her success in coaching. I look forward continuing working with her during the remaining part of the year."

Jyri Virrantuomi
SVP Group Development
Finance, Fiskars

“We have been doing a major transformation in my organization – including a big outsourcing arrangement. During the transformation it has been essential that the retaining, rather small team has clear roles and responsibilities, well-agreed ways of working and that all team members trust each other and co-operation is smooth. Since Autumn 2014 the beginning of the transformation Mikaela has coached our team, walking the development journey together with us in various sessions. Mikaela has an excellent’s ability to highlight important topics, when leading business / organization and at the same time enabling us to build the team. She also puts all of us to look into the mirror and challenging us as a team and as team members. She takes each person into the consideration as an unique personality and gives support in his / her own situation. “

Kristiina Lammila

I have had a pleasure to cooperate with Mikaela for years when I have been charge of demanding transformation and leadership development programs in large global companies. Mikaela has been a real asset and partner for us with her professionalism and wide global network when we have designed different leadership development programs, individual and team coaching processes and mentoring programs. Usually executives of my companies have been in various stages of their career. Mikaela as a coach has helped them to recognize their potential with own distinct leadership style, communication behaviors and thinking preferences and helped them to grow as a leader. Success of the programs and positive feedback of Mikaela have been the best reward for me and my organization. Mikaela is very inspiring personality with her optimism and engaging communication style of attentive listening and insightful questioning. This ability is very important when addressing client needs of a development process and create a solution. Based on our great cooperation I can warmly recommend Mikaela and her selected partners for demanding development processes.

Merja Eskola
Senior Vice President
Group HR, Caverion Oyj

Mikaela has been a valued partner for us in leadership development. Her contribution in various programs like management team development, mentoring programs as well as giving feedback and coaching senior leaders is well appreciated. Mikaela supports leaders and teams to reflect with her great skills in coaching.

Kaisa Ventelä-Nilsson
HR Strategic Development UPM

"Mikaela has worked with Fiskars many years supporting us in several leadership development programs. She has also been coaching our individual leaders and global management teams. Mikaela is an energetic and inspiring professional, and she is able to build trust in relationships and challenge leaders with tough love. It is always a pleasure to work with Mikaela.

Tiina Laine
Head of Learning and Development, Fiskars

"Mikaela is really an excellent coach! Her strengths are definitely her structured way of working and her willingness to help the coachees to succeed in their work. She was able to strengthen my strengths and made me see things from a new perspectives. She is ready to do a lot of work to support her coachees.

Virve Taskinen
Head of Talent Management, Tieto