European Airline.
We developed the team dynamics and coached individuals in their authority, presence and impact, both in the team and upon the Culture. In addition, we designed with BCG a Change Leadership program for Top 120 senior leaders from all business groups and delivered the pilot with the Executive Team. The co-operation consisted also of coaching and giving 360 leadership feedback with top 25 leaders including the Executive Team.

Global minerals, engineering and metals process business. 
With BCG, we coached the Executives and Senior Leaders and designed and delivered a Leadership program for top 250 leaders in Abu Dhabi and India.

European Post Office.
We worked with the CEO, Executive Team and Subsidiary Management Teams. As part of this, we held team sessions to create the working environment where ways of working could be addressed. In addition, coaching and giving 360 leadership feedback to senior leaders. Designed and Delivered Change program for top 100 leaders.